Welcome to Syntelligent Solutions, Inc.

My name is Marlon K. Brownlee, and I am the founder of Syntelligent Solutions, Inc. For over 30 years I have helped companies and organizations evaluate, select and implement computer systems to achieve their strategic objectives. My passion is to ensure that you have the right software applications in place to fit your needs precisely, and that important information flows smoothly to where it is needed to support your key requirements. My goal is to simplify your complex tasks with apps that will make your team's work easier. Where needed, I will create a customized application to fit your unique requirements exactly! My clients have included small and mid-sized businesses and organizations as well as multi-billion dollar international corporations in different cities across the United States. I enjoy what I do, and have an excellent reputation for going the extra mile to satisfy every client!


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Syntelligent Solutions, Inc.
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